Youth Education

Eco Ed Camps

Eco Ed (short for Ecology Education) Camps are offered free to all seventh grade students in our county. These camps were developed to give students hands on experience that will reinforce classroom lessons in Life Science.  Grand Forks County Soil Conservation District coordinates and makes all the arrangements for speakers and the camp.  All public schools in Grand Forks County currently participate.  Some home schools and private schools attend as well.

The camps are held each September at Turtle River State Park.  The program is set up so students rotate through a variety of sessions including: Water Quality, Rivers, Wetlands, Forestry, Soils, and Prairie.

This program is funded through a state wide grant administered by Barnes County SCD.  These funds come from the EPA 319 program.  Presenters are volunteers from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, ND Forest Service, ND Health Department, Grand Forks County Extension Service, US Fish and Wildlife, the Energy and Environment Research Center, Red River Riparian Project, Grand Forks Water Treatment Plant, and Turtle River State Park.  The SCD in Grand Forks County have had this program offered since 2000.  It is the largest and most successful of our education programs.

Arbor Day

Nutsy the Squirrel is the Greater Grand Forks Arbor Day Mascot.

For over twenty years the district has served on the Greater Grand Forks Arbor Day Committee.  Through this activity,  area fourth grade students participate in the annual celebration. In addition to the Arbor Day ceremony, Education Trunks have been distributed to all the elementary schools in the district for use in learning about trees.

The Regional Environmental Education Series (TREES)

The Regional Environmental Education Series is a state wide education program offered to elementary schools.  Our district sponsors this program to make it available to schools in our district.  Each year Tom Gibson, alias; Sam Ting, Pete Bogg, Darin Ewe, Gunnar, and Pvt. George Gibson, visit our many schools.  The six conservation programs he offers complement classroom instruction in science, social studies and history.  Students learn the importance of our natural resources, and how to be good stewards of our land, water, trees and wildlife.

Adult Outreach Programs

International Crop Expo

Since the beginning of the International Crop Expo we have had a booth at this show, and use the time to visit with our farm producers.  This is a great event to see the latest ideas and new technology in the field of agriculture.

Achievement Award Program

Each year, the District Board selects an Achievement Award Winner, who exemplifies good stewardship through their land use practices in order to protect their natural resources. The 2016 Achievement Winner will be announced soon.  They will be represent our county at the North Dakota Association of Conservation Districts annual convention to be held in Bismarck in November 2016.

Farmers Appreciation Night

This is an event put on by the Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce Ag Committee.  The District has been a sponsor for this event since it began.

Farm Program workshops

Workshops are held on an as needed basis in cooperation with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Farm Service Agency (FSA).