Having problems with deer and rabbits eating your trees? You may want to consider using this product. It is not a “chemical”, but an organic mixture that is nontoxic.


Our District began testing this product Several years ago.  Based on the reports from our producers that have tried it, we feel this is effective for most plantings.

 Plantskydd Information

  • APPLY ON DRY PLANTS – Rainfast in 24 hours.
  • For Deer/Elk control- Spray or dip main top of plant, until wet.
  • For Rabbits – Spray stem and lower leaves.
  • Ornamentals – Spray mainly leaves of plants and avoid blossoms.
  • Test sample plants to determine sensitivity.
  • Needles/ leaves darken temporarily after treatment – original color returns in 18-36 hours.
  • Apply above freezing temperature.
  • Avoid application in direct hot sunlight – for best results, apply in early morning or late afternoon. Expect some reduction in efficacy in sunny climates.
  • Treating Pine needles during bud flush is not recommended. Treat before or after bud flush.

For further information on Plantskydd, visit their website at