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Take advantage of our FREE design service for field, farmstead, rural home windbreaks, and for wildlife plantings within our Soil Conservation District.  Our district technicians are trained to help you consider all the factors necessary to have a success with your tree plantings. There are many factors to consider when planting trees.

  • Selection of tree/shrub varieties recommended for your soil type
  • Choosing plant varieties suitable for our climate
  • Location of plantings to avoid setback restrictions for county and townships
  • What to plant in wet or dry locations
  • Selection of plants for specific wildlife
  • Energy efficiency factors for heating or cooling your home
  • Designing the planting to avoid snow drifting in the wrong places

The Soil Conservation District uses bare root conservation stock.  This allows us to offer reasonable prices for our county residents.  Give us a call and we will help you with your tree selection.  Services are available to rural residents for tree planting.

For more information contact our Technicians:
Tree Program Manager:   Joshua Moe
District Technician:   Ryan Thorson
Phone: 701-772-2321 ext 3