Services and Rates

Tree Plan Designs

Tree plan design for conservation tree plantings is a free service to residents of the county.  Our technicians will assist you in selecting appropriate trees for your soil and needs.  Windbreaks for fields, farmsteads, feedlots, and rural homes are effective tools for energy conservation, sound barriers, and for protection from wind, dust, and snow.

Site Preparation

Site preparation (tilling and/or disking) is the key to a successful planting. We recommend the ground is summer fallowed for one growing season prior to planting. This reduces problems with weeds and grasses that can compete with new tree plantings.

The charge is $75.00 per hour. (Minimum charge is $75).

Mechanical Tree Planting

Mechanical tree planting is available for regular size conservation tree stock supplied by the district.  The tree planter is used by the district to plant trees on properly prepared sites.

  • For Rural Home plantings – the charge is $2.50 per tree (includes the cost of the tree and having the district plant the trees) Minimum fee is $200.00.
  • For Qualified Farm Program Plantings – the charge is $25.00 per 100 linear feet.


15′  No-Till Drill: The District has purchased a larger drill to accommodate for larger acreage. Does great for pollinator mixes as well as other types of grass and alfalfa.

  • 1-10 acres = $25.00 an acre
  • 11-39 acres = $20.00 an acre
  • 40+ = $15.00 an acre

6′ Drill: The District offers grass, forb, and cover crop seeding with their 6′ seeder.  This is great for those smaller acres!  $75.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $75.00.

Fabric Weed Barrier

Fabric weed barrier can be installed on new tree plantings.  Properly maintained, this product will pay for itself in 3-5 years by not having to pay for mechanical weed control.  The cost for his service is $55 per 100 linear feet of installation.  (Minimum charge is $250).

Auger Planting

This method of planting is used for two types of sites: established sod for rural homes and on established grass in saline (salty or alkaline) soils. This is more costly than mechanical planting, but does not require fallowing the land for the year prior to planting. Fallowing or tilling soil is done to prepare the ground and reduce competition for newly planted trees. In saline soils, this tilling for a year prior to planting can draw additional salt to the surface, and may be detrimental to the new trees. Additionally, on established lawns, landowners may not want to till up the rows in order to plant trees. Visit with our technicians, and they will help you know if this practice is best for your site.
We charge $6 per auger planted tree (this includes both the tree and the planting) with a minimum charge of $200.

Tree Tube Installation

Let us do the work for you!  Your tree tubes will be properly installed, and your trees will be safe from wind, weed-whips, and critters!  BONUS:  The tree tube acts as a mini greenhouse, helping your tree grow taller, while providing support as the trunk grows wider.

Fabric Mat Installation

This service is often used with Tree Tube Installation.  Prevent weeds around individual trees with these square mats!

Mechanical Weed Control

We offer tillage between tree rows to control weeds and grasses that compete with trees.
The price is $75.00 per hour, minimum charge of $75.00.


The District purchased a 6′ wide woods mower to mow in-between tree rows.  The price is $75.00 per hour, minimum charge of $75.00.


This is the newest service the District is offering.  Our new 15′ crimper leaves standing vegetation flat on your fields, protecting soil and feeding the biology.  This is a great option for no-till practices, and the residue can be directly seeded the following spring.

For more information contact our Technicians:
Tree Program Manager:  Joshua Moe
District Technician:   Ryan Thorson

Phone: 701-772-2321 ext 3